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About us

From a warehouse in the Romanian border town of Siret, our volunteers deliver aid supplies to western Ukraine every day in up to four vans. We drive to fixed facilities that we monitor on an ongoing basis, such as shelters, refugee homes, orphanages, hospitals and community centers. The necessary deliveries are coordinated in close cooperation with the Ukrainian recipients so that food, hygiene articles, medicines and other essential goods arrive reliably where they are needed.

We also prepare deliveries for people in eastern Ukraine, which are reliably delivered for us by certified partner organizations.

Mission Siret works entirely on a voluntary basis.


Bank details for monetary donations (deductible according to §10 EStG):

Westfälische Genossenschaft des Johanniterordens
IBAN: DE52 4944 0043 0320 0060 02
Purpose: "Siret"

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